About Us

ART-107 is an online store created by artists. So our taste, expertize and talent are included in this site.

We are representing works of Peter Panov, the modern figurative and genre artist. His interests are all in depicting people in the city, jazz musicians, café scenes or busy businessmen. In his genre paintings he catches some funny or sweet situations which is absolute pleasure to observe. His style is unique and powerful.

Dina Shubin shows here the variety of styles: abstract, still lifes and figurative. In all of them there is an obvious attraction in depiction of musical instruments. Still lifes include guitar or violin, or piano, or mandoline so as the paintings with beautiful girls playing those instruments. Her earlier style, represented in serigraphs shows the influence of impressionism.

George Kotman is a landscape artist with definite admiration of pointillism, which creates a special reality and amazing decorative effect. George is a master of color, he feels the shades of color and masterfully uses them to create the effect of leaves that move in the air and shine in the sun rays.