Peter Panov

Peter Panov

Peter Panov is a versatile master, so the themes on his canvases are very different. He loves to depict jazz musicians, cafe or wine lovers, crowd  and crowdy places, lovers, busy businessmen, cars, poets all surrounded by buildings and city sites

 Some of his characters are easy to recognize. You have met them in the café and on the streets of your own city. That is why all the images are so alive despite the style of Peter’s paintings which is more cubistic or abstract then realistic.     

  Being a real master of brush Peter makes the spectator to follow every inch of the canvas, because  the discovery awaits everywhere. Peter likes to embroider his canvases with a lot of details. You could see someone moving behind the curtains, the stones could be alive, the walls could talk and cars, windows or glasses of wine are full of reflection and are amazing you  with their own stories.     

  All the ideas of the canvases are very human and full of filings, but you could forget about this and enjoy the painting as a decorative subject no less than the theme. The Peter’s palette is rich and exquisite . His incredible ability to combine textures using either palette knife or brush brings amazing results. It’s a joyful experience just to look at his textures and well combined shades of colors, which are vibrant and sophisticated. His images full of character and fillings , warmth and charm. Peter knows how to wind the mechanism of our imagination and convert gray routine into colored unpredictability of every moment.

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