George Kotman

 By looking on George’s paintings comes a wave of emotions with mixture of child’s memories, fairy tales and imagination, a very romantic one. He’d connect us with parks around some cozy houses which are buried in the greenery. Bushes full of flowers and colorful trees. Sunny landscapes and misty shades. Juicy and thick paint brings an extra filing of velour leaves moving by light breeze. His landscapes will not make you fill that is the place where you could get lost and meet with a beast. On the contrary, the roads will lead you to a romantic looking house where you could expect to meet a beautiful hostess. It will remind filing when sunny light is trying to sneak through your eyelashes, your eyes are half closed and you fill warmth, peace and happiness of a moment.

The choice of pointillist technique is like reminder of old sweet times of cozy and beautiful  world of impressionists. Though George is not adding figures to his paintings you fill and know it’s a man’s land, with taste and imagination of a man who wants to create a paradise here on Earth.



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